Time to say goodbye ...

Today at 08:39:40 am by MacFrog and Ssswing

Hello everyone,

First, thanks for reading and showing us your continued patience and engagement over the last months and years. But as you might know by now this project has been cancelled in 2016. After we've spent so many time and energy during the last years in the game, we are very disappointed that it was not possible to finish Critical Point: Incursion for various reasons.

Nevertheless a very special thanks to all developers, artists, project leads and everyone involved!

But the story does not necessarily end here. A new project has been started in June 2016 based on the Unreal Engine 4. Actually 5 very enthusiastic coders and artists are working on a public alpha version of Tactical Operations. Please stay tuned.

For this new project, please visit the website

A very special thanks to TOP-Proto for allowing us to put an information add about our project on this website.

The Critical Point Team says goodbye.

All the best
Your Critical Point Team