Developer Update: February Update 2015

February 04, 2015, 12:36:40 pm by aRny

presents you...

Hey everyone,

Firstly, thanks for reading and showing us your continued patience and engagement over the last months and years. We are driven by the community and your feedback and participation means a lot to us.

We would like to give a very small development update to show what progress has been made over the last weeks, and what we are currently working on.

We are plugging hard away at a variety of code tasks, concentrating on the pure game "playability". We are looking at this as a MVP (minimal viable product), with our focus to release early and frequently - this in layman teams means, a closed beta (internally called "DEMO"). Our goal (can't be guaranteed) is to have this done by June/July.

To ensure we do not get distracted, we have pretty much stopped all other areas of development since July 2014 (level design, art asset creation, weapon/character animation etc..), to prevent additional bugs or issues arising and taking our valuable time away from the core issues.

What does this mean?
For you fans, this means there will not be any shiny media releases with some kick-ass weapons on display. It will also mean, it is difficult to show progress, as a lot of the development being worked on is code based - and not always pure features that we can show off. The majority of what we are working on are critical and game breaking bugs and those minor issues that, despite not game breaking, ruin the user experience of the game and prevent us from releasing the game in its current state.

Development Progress over the last weeks:
+ Due to a flaw in our old buymeu system, TOP-Proto has been working many hours over the last 2 weeks to re-write it. The armour states were not setup to really handle bought, selling, buying, damaged states - this caused an array of issues in the code, when it came to purchasing new armour and re-selling it directly and repairing damaged armour
+ In addition, whilst working on this re-write we found a few undiscovered issues, of incorrectly calculated ammo purchases (player being deducted wrong amounts)
+ Most importantly, we found a big security flaw in the code that would allow a player to sell weapons in a certain way and not need to pay for their weapons - and thus able to go into negative cash amounts
+ We have introduced more failsafe server checks, to validate purchasing to prevent this from happening
+ Rogue fixed up the last critical issues in our "escape objective". The problem was, that escaped players inventory were not being stored/remembered when they re-spawned the following round. The system was re-written to store the pawn (player) and keep the inventory stored in a PRI like way. Whilst doing this, it unraveled an array of other issues, like double round re-sets, overlapping of dead/escaped icons in the scoreboard, players not being hidden when in the escape zone etc.. But this has all been fixed and fully committed!
+ Fixed issue of round not ending correctly in certain states, when playing with BOTS (AI)
+ Spectators now see the "expanding" hit cursor effects, which is displayed when a player hits another enemy (feedback notification of a successful shot)

Next on our list...

- try to find an engine work around solution to the problem that causes player dynamic shadows to show through certain walls, (means you can see the player through a wall...yes, like a wall hack!). !!This is a UDK engine limitation!! Otherwise we may need to revert back to blob shadows...
- finish up the Grenade throws not being properly replicated to spectators
- finish up the spectator view, where the players hands you are watching (in-eyes) hands flicker
- fix the weapon effects not spawned (shown) correctly out of the gun for Spectator View (wrongly aligned)
- fix the keybinding menu being 1 row off on sections using a scroll bar. Means you can not alter the function!
- fix the scroll bar in the settings/game option not moving correctly
- fix issue of players feet going through the floor when at the bottom of a ladder
- fix issue of the flashbang effect not being replicated to spectators/dead players viewing the player (in-eyes)
- plug in score row gradients correctly for dead players (easily see difference between dead and alive players)
- adjust how weapon fires when holding fire during a reload sequence (and when switching weapon). IT should fire immediately after the action
- remember a servers game password in the players INI, so they do not need to re-enter it always.
- implement basic game "end of round" statistics

So that is our exhaustive list and gives you an in-sight of where we are at, and what is left to do!
We will try to update you on the progress of this list as we work towards our "DEMO"!


Stay tuned for more!

All the best
Your Critical Point Team

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