We take pride in our levels for their stunning visuals but also the great thought gone into the planning and design to ensure they are well balanced and offer an excellent gaming platform: fun and action guaranteed!
Before being hurled in the heat of battle, you have the option to choose between Mercenaries and Special forces - Meeting at a critical point in game, you're not likely to be checking the characters out, so here we give you the opportunity to see them up close!
Get an edge over your competition! Not only can you indulge yourself in our weapons, but this is your chance to examine them in detail and gain an advantage over your enemy. "A bad sportsman blames his tools", but knowing which tool to use in what scenario is the difference between survival and fatality.
With countless models and assets created for our levels, including HUD, user interfaces and menu concepts; here are several media releases revealing them closer up. Most of these have been shown in corresponding news updates, but check them out and enjoy the fantastic work of our Art teams.