CP:I caught in money laundering

November 20, 2014, 10:07:35 am by aRny

presents you...

Dear all,

Yes, I am afraid to tell you that we found some anomalies in the cash flow and after further probing and -depth testing of our systems, it has become clear that CP:I has been laundering players money inventory in-game!

It was not quite clear and apparent what was going on, just a “feeling” of the money never really increasing or being correct – but we could not see why. Even on a good check over everything was okay, our system was deducting money when buying weapons and compensating the player when selling them. So what was the problem?

It took a further week to realise that this was only happening in certain states (player changing teams for example!) and our cash flow system was robbing just a small amount on each transaction. Yes, can you believe it – CP:I was laundering small amounts!
Anyhow, we can all now laugh about it when looking back, but in fact this was a pain in the butt and we wanted to highlight the joys of programming a game in such a complex environment with a variety of states and replications going on in the background.

We are still working away and are now taking the opportunity to improve/ refactor and optimise the buyzone completely.


That’s for the continued support and likes

All the best
Your Critical Point Team

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November 02, 2014, 09:27:30 pm by aRny

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